Let us know how we are doing!

Hey push dudes! First off your podcasts are great!  Keep that stuff up. I have a carbon defiant that is collecting dust.  I don't care this trad stuff is just freaking cool.  Thanks for all your entertainment and advice with the podcast.  I'll keep listening. Thanks guys Terry Lewis

Just wanted to tell you guys how enjoyable those podcast are. Watched the push film sometime back, and keep going back to rewatch sections. Been a long time instinctive trad shooter, but all this has lit a new fire to explore options. Just ordered my first I LF system. Back to the push film, I thought that was absolutely one of the best informative videos I have ever seen, bar none. You have a way of really being informative and positive. Well done!
Mark Normand

I really enjoy your podcasts and your you tube videos. After hunting with a compound for 37 years, the longbow is what I'm taking out this fall. The traditional addiction is on fire in me and you guys are helping to dump the gas on it. Matt I give you a lot of credit showing some of your misfortunes while shooting. Keep up the great work! Bob Staniszewski  🎯 Shelby Township, Michigan.

First of all I'd like say that I'm not only obsessed with traditional archery but all of your content as well. Keep up the great work guys!  I've been shooting trad for a few years just for fun here and there but recently sold all my compounds and gear and  got serious with trad in the past year diving into the nuts and bolts of every little detail that I can. Get Primal! The Push Archery's biggest fan (lol) Bubba Courtney

I'm not much older than you two, but I'm not very tech savvy.  So I have put off listening to podcasts of any kind.  I saw your your post introducing your instructive video when it came out on YouTube.  Watched it and thought it was great. I have now listened to them all and some twice.  Every episode is better than the last.  Boys y'all are kicking ass!  I think this is the best thing to happen to stick and string for a long time.  Don't stop.   Keep on boys and thanks Brant

Your video was truly the gateway to opening my eyes to all of the good information that has come out the past year on traditional archery shooting, gear, etc, etc. I've learned more in the past year than I have my entire life.
Greg Krieger
Winnemucca, NV

First off - you guys put together a great podcast.  I look forward to the updates so I can listen to them on my routine commute.  The conversations between you guys and your guests has provided me with a ton of knowledge that would have taken me hours, days, or years to figure out - if ever.
Brian Schmidt

Matt you guys have really got me excited to really dive into the trad world I'm starting to think about selling my compound. Without your podcasts I don't think I would have the confidence to take the leap so again thank you and have a great holiday. Jake Hildebrandt

This is my second attempt at getting into traditional archery I struggled with a Hoyt Buffalo (awesome bow just me LOL) for 3 years and gave it away to shoot a compound. That's fun but just not "right.  You guys know what I mean.  So Here's to my second expensive foray into trad archery! You guys are responsible for me selling my favourite rifle to buy a new Recurve.  The day an armourer sells a gun to buy a bow is momentous! Regards, Steven Richards Corporal

Just want to thank you both, and your guests for the top notch Podcast.
I enjoy the relaxed dialog, the epic content that has my head full like I was back in school (in a good way!), and the enthusiasm you have for Trad Archery and Bowhunting in general. I now have some new tools to hone a higher level of form and accuracy, and look forward to taking the single string into the scrub once I get there.
Matt, your knowledge and experience are are a joy to share in, and your YouTube vids are a about to launch me forward in a big way and for this I'm super grateful mate.
Tim, I dig your lines of questioning and want you to know your asking many of the questions us the listeners are thinking, so thanks mate.
Cheers a ton, and I look forward to hearing stacks more.
Adam in Australia.